Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Office Spaces: different Types and Uses

With minimum cost and maximum satisfactions, the purpose of office space is to provide efficient environment to employees for the purpose of supporting their job and enhancing their performance. Different corporate office consists of work spaces, meeting spaces and support spaces.

Used for the purpose of performing activities such as computer work, reading and writing, the work spaces is typically divided into nine different generic types. Some of the popular types of work station popular in different corporate offices are open office, team space, and cubicle.

For the purpose of providing efficient working environment for more than ten people, the open office is ideal for communication activities that require relatively title concentrations. Ideal for two to eight people, the team space is semi-enclosed work space.  The team space is ideal for work that requires medium level of concentration such as frequent internal communication.

Other types of work spaces consist of private office, shared office, and team room. For conducting work activities that are confidential, the clients can make use of private offices where the employee requires working in maximum level of concentrations. The use of shared office is recommended for six to eight people for performing short-term activities that requires collaboration and extensive interaction with co-workers.

Ideal for works that requires medium level of concentration and interactions, the cubicle is a semi-enclosed work space for only one employee. In harmony with the needs and requirements provided by the clients or corporate offices, the cubicle workstation in both standard and customized specifications can be purchased from any of celebrated and well-known Cubicle Workstation Manufacturer.

Ideal for work that requires frequent internal communications, the use of team room, which is an enclosed workspace for ten to twelve individuals, can be used in corporate or government offices.
Many corporate offices also require work spaces such as study booth, work lounge and touchdown, in accordance to their needs and requirements.

Meeting space, which is divided into six generic types, are used in corporate or government offices for the purpose of carrying out interactive processes. The interactive processes performed at meeting space, can be quick conversation or extremely intensive brainstorms. Small meeting room, large meeting room, and small meeting space, are three types of popular meeting space used in various offices.

Large meeting space, meeting point and brainstorm room, are other type of meeting space required used by many corporate offices.

Support spaces are used in offices for the purpose of performing secondary activities such as taking break or filling documents. Some of the popular types of support spaces are filling space, storage space, and print & copy area. In addition to this, locker area, smoking area and library along with waiting area, are considered to be popular support space used in various offices.

Furniture for offices, whether meeting space or support space, can be purchased from some of the well-known and celebrated Office Modular Furniture Manufacturers in various sizes, finishes and designs. 

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